Diet for rosacea: What you eat can tip the balance

The diet for rosacea may surprise you,and it may differ from what you've been told so far.

For instance, you will probably read and hear that you should avoid gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar. This is largely nonsense.

It's best to take advice from a medical system like this one - Chinese herbal medicine - that has a good track record in treating skin diseases like rosacea and can show results.

Chinese medicine and science agree that rosacea is "hot", i.e. red and inflamed. Foods to eat for rosacea, therefore, should avoid adding further "heat" to the fire, by avoiding warming foods and drinks.

Follow this diet for rosacea:


alcohol in general, but especially red wine, excessive coffee and black tea (1 is ok), hot spices such as hot peppers, black peppers, ginger and garlic, as well as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, smoking, greasy fried foods, barbecued meats, shellfish, acidic foods like tomato sauce and orange juice.

All of these literally warm up the body, and therefore they fuel the fire of rosacea.


Steamed vegetables, lean protein, beans, mung beans, barley, non-tropical fruits, mint tea, green tea, cucumber, white rice.

In the end, will diet cure your rosacea?

Unfortunately, not likely. Rosacea is an aggressive and stubborn condition that needs an equally aggressive herbal treatment, and rosacea diet changes are not enough. But diet can make a big difference to how well and how quickly herbal treatment will work, by working with the treatment, and not against it.

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