Dry cracked hands are never cured by creams, are they?

It seems that no amount of vaseline or oil can make dry cracked hands and other skin rashes on the hands disappear. This is because the cracks, redness and discomfort are usually symptoms of eczema of the hands.

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin, sometimes called dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis, and although it shows up on the skin, it is an internal problem, and so it must be treated from the inside out.

Chinese Herbs are an excellent treatment, because they are used to quell the inflammation FROM THE INSIDE. Have a look at this severe case, and the results of Chinese Herbal treatment:

Before treatment - notice the blazing redness (inflammation):

hand eczema picture

After a few weeks of treatment - dry cracked hands still, but much less inflammation:

 cracked hands

This was a tough case, but it was finally subdued, after a few months of treatment:

hand eczema cured

What causes hand eczema?

Hand eczema can be triggered by excessive hand sweating, severe stress, or contact with irritating chemicals such as soaps and detergents. New parents, who do a great amount of washing and cleaning, (and also have an increased stress load!), are prime candidates for this condition.

People with a history of eczema are also more likely to develop it, as eczema can migrate to the hands in adulthood, from its more typical childhood locations of wrist, elbow and knee joints.

Here is a case of a young mom with eczema of the hands, before treatment:

skin rashes on hands

She had a wonderful response to the treatment with Chinese herbs:

dry skin cure

Taking care of your hands:

Avoid soaps, shampoos and detergents as much as possible. This means wearing cotton gloves inside rubber gloves when doing dishes, showering or bathing a baby. Even peeling vegetables can be irritating to this type of hand dermatitis, so it is best avoided until the cracks have healed.

And the only way the cracks will finally heal, is to treat them from the inside, with herbs that clear inflammation and lubricate the skin internally. To contact my clinic about the treatment of dry cracked hands, click here