Pictures of Eczema:

Looking at pictures of eczema can provide some comfort and reassurance that you are not alone, but it should not be the basis for self-diagnosis. Eczema, or dermatitis, can come in many forms and can look quite different from person to person. Even trained dermatologists sometimes have trouble telling eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections apart, so if there is any doubt, make sure you get a second or even third opinion.

All of the images below are from my herbal skin clinic, The TCM Clinic. These patients were all treated with Chinese herbs, usually only internally, to finally get rid of what is supposed to be an incurable condition.

Remember, inflammatory skin diseases can be cured, as long as the treatment is given from the inside.

1. Atopic dermatitis pictures with typical lesions behind the knees and wrists. Both were cured with Chinese herbs:

rash behind knee

skin rash cure

wrist eczema

eczema wrist cure

2. Hand eczemas are very common in adults, and can be triggered by stress or excessive hand washing. Here are several pictures of eczema of the hand, all treated at my clinic:

Look at the dry and crinkly appearance of the skin before treatment. The herbs smoothed and moisturized the skin from the inside.

black skin rash

black skin cure

Another dry and crinkly eczema, this time also quite red. No amount of cream can soothe this dryness - it must be treated from the inside. And when we do, look at the results:
dry skin rash

cure for dry skin

These patients had severe eczema, with oozing, infection and inflammation. No medicines were used on the skin, only herbal teas, internally.

blisters on hands
cure for blisters